SSH is DPB and DGE's SSH based remote access gateway.  SSH enables secure and encrypted remote access to internal Carnegie systems from remote locations. The SSH gateway serves several purposes:

  1. A public SSH gateway, enabling command-line access to internal Carnegie computational systems
  2. An SSH Port Forwarding gateway, enabling direct connections from remote users to internal systems
  3. An SSH File Transfer gateway, enabling data transfers utilizing SSH based transfer protocols (scp/sftp/rsync)

Features & Specs

  • SSH Port Forwarding Enabled
  • Connected to Homes and Data

Get Started

Using your preferred SSH/SCP/SFTP client, connect to one of the following hostnames:

  • ssh.dge.carnegiescience.edu
  • ssh.dpb.carnegiescience.edu

Be sure your client is fully up to date, as older versions may not be able to handle 2-factor authentication prompts.

  • Carnegie Account
  • Password-less login: Generate SSH keys
  • Windows SSH: PuTTY
  • File Transfer: Cyberduck
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