NOBACKUP is a high-throughput, parallel "scratch" space.  The system is intended to store either temp files during active computation, or datasets curated by other organizations that are used in computational activities.

Backup features, such as snapshots and off-site mirroring, are sacrificed in order to achieve throughput through parallelism.  Speed tests have shown NOBACKUP to be ~2-5x faster than Data on average when accessed via a Lustre connected system.

Features & Specs

  • 100TB Capacity
  • Direct, parallel access via Lustre connected systems
  • Accessible via SMB & NFS from Lustre bridge server
  • RAID 6 (P+Q) Redundancy
  • SSD Read Cache
  • Transparent Compression (LZ4)
  • Backups: None
  • Disaster Recovery: None

Get Started

On Lustre connected Linux systems (listed below), NOBACKUP is available at /NOBACKUP

For other Linux systems (such as Memex or our SSH Gatway), NOBACKUP can be accessed via the SMB/NFS bridge at /Carnegie/DGE/NOBACKUP

To connect via SMB through the bridge, you can follow our Mac and Windows instructions using the following hostnames:

  • nobackup-su.dge.carnegiescience.edu
  • nobackup-su.dpb.carnegiescience.edu
  • Networking: On-site ethernet or VPN
  • Access: Lab, Project, or Operational private folders requires membership in the associated Lab, Project, or Operational group
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