Data is the primary file server for DPB and DGE.  Data is a secure, reliable, and highly-available storage resource for DPB and DGE scientific efforts.  Data is intended as a medium to long term data archive, where data is available to scientific codes on-demand.

    Features & Specs

    • 120TB Capacity
    • Accessible via SMB & NFS
    • RAID 6 (P+Q) Redundancy
    • SSD Read Cache
    • Transparent Compression (LZ4)
    • Backups: ZFS Snapshots (4x15 min, 24x hourly, 7x daily, 4x weekly, 12x monthly)
    • Disaster Recovery: Daily mirroring to off-site storage at Embryology

    Get Started

    To connect to Data, follow the linked instructions, utilizing one of the listed hostnames.  Use the share named "Shared"



    • Optimal for connections from the Ethernet network
      • data-su.dge.carnegiescience.edu
      • data-su.dpb.carnegiescience.edu
    • Optimal for connections from the VPN
      • data.dge.carnegiescience.edu
      • data.dpb.carnegiescience.edu


    • Networking: On-site ethernet or VPN
    • Access: Lab, Project, or Operational private folders requires membership in the associated Lab, Project, or Operational group